“We built a tablet-based app with Google Maps APIs that helps our financial consultants visit more consumers every day, lets them spend more time with each and offers access to vital financial data.”

Arjen Houweling, GGN Mastering Credit


GGN Mastering Credit provides invoice-collection services for businesses and credit counseling services for consumers struggling with debt. Its 100 financial consultants make house visits to help consumers most easily pay outstanding invoices and help with debt issues. The company needed a mapping platform for a routing app to optimize driving routes its consultants take and provide instant access to financial data when they arrive. It chose Google Maps APIs as the ideal solution because it has the most comprehensive mapping information and easy-to-use interface.


Every morning, tablets used by GGN Mastering Credit consultants are pre-loaded with addresses of the consumers they will visit that day. The Google Maps Javascript API displays a map overlaid with routes to the consumers, so consultants can quickly get to their destinations. The consultants use Google Street View to know they have arrived at the right locations. When consultants meet with consumers, they have the financial information they need on their tablets. The web-based app has improved consultants’ productivity, helped resolve more invoices using information provided by the app, and allowed the consultants offer better advice to consumers. Consultants can now make at least 20 percent more visits per day and have reduced driving distances by at least 10 percent. Spending less time on the road allows them to spend more time with consumers, leading to invoices being resolved 10 percent faster. The extra time also lets consultants provide more in-depth help for consumers to solve their debt problems.


Consultants spend more time helping consumers solve debt issues

Consultants make at least 20% fewer phone calls to the office because they have the information they need on their tablets

Unnecessary drives have been decreased by 12%

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